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Table of Contents


Navigating Common User Interface Elements

The image video below shows elements of the header bar at the top of a TestNav page. See the table below the image for details on each element.

Click images to enlarge.

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The next arrow takes students to the next question. Students can also click the previous arrow to go back within the same section.


The Review button opens the Review drop-down menu. Students see the status of each question and bookmarked questions. They can click any question in that section to review it.


The Bookmark button marks a question with a bookmark in the Review drop-down menu to remind students to review the question later. 


The toolbar provides various tools for students to work through questions. Tool availability depends on item requirements. As a result, not all items display each of these tools.

For more details on these tools, see TestNav Tools.


The User drop-down includes the Logout of TestNav option, as well as any accessibility options set during student registration in the assessment management system.

Include Page

The video below shows elements of a timed test.

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Complete and Submit a Test


When the student clicks Yes, Submit Final Answers, TestNav logs the student out and displays the Log Out Complete page.

Demonstration Videos

The videos below provide demonstrations of specific TestNav pages and features.

Review Drop-down and Bookmark Button


Timer Toggle, Messages, and Options

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