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You can create and post messages related to your programs, on your home page. Depending on the importance of these messages you can select a category, and the duration for which these messages will be posted. 

There are three categories of messages available:

  • Urgent:  
  • Important
  • Informational
  • which are very critical and need immediate attention
  • Important: which are significant but are not as critical as the urgent messages
  • Informational: which provide supporting information for your program


Create and Post Messages

To create and post messages on your home page,follow these steps: .

  1. From Setup > Notifications, click Create.

  2. Enter the details, and click Save.


The messages will be displayed in accordance with the specified dates (start and end dates). If the start and end dates are not specified, the message will be displayed immediately and will remain posted indefinitely.


Delete Messages

You can create and post messages on your home page, .To delete existing messages before the specified End date, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Notifications,  if you want to edit the details on one or more existing user(s), search to find the user(s) you want to edit or click the down arrow next to the Search button to reveal and select the option to show all results. Select the user(s) you want to edit.
     Click here to view a screenshot...
  2. Open the task list and select Create / Edit Users and click Start.

     Click here to view a screenshot...
  3. If you are editing, select a user from the list at the left of the screen. Edit the data on the screen and click SaveIf you want more detailed information about the user, click Show User Details. To see when changes have been made to a user account's details and who made them, click Show Audit Trail.

     Click here to view a screenshot...
  4. To create a user, select Create Users. Enter data on the screen.

    When you enter an email address for your new user, the username for that user will be set as the email address. This is true even if you entered a username previously. You can change the username after you enter the email address, but you must do so before you click Create.

  5. Click Create.
  6. click Edit for the message to be deleted.
  7. Click Delete.