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NameThe student's name.
Date of BirthThe student's date of birth.
Student CodeA unique code identifying the student in the system.
District CodeThe unique code of the district to which the student's information is connected.
School CodeThe unique code of the school to which the student's information is connected.
GradeThe student's grade.
Teacher NameThe name of the teacher to whose class the student is assigned. This is sometimes replaced by a Class Name for the name of the classroom or something else.

The following demographic entries are common categories, but each program records different data. Also, some record data in a small number of fields and others use a different field for each demographic entry, such as "Ethnicity" vs "White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc..."
GenderThe student's gender.
EthnicityThe student's ethnicity.
Free/reduced Reduced Lunch StatusWhether the student receives government lunch assistance.
Migrant StatusWhether the student is a member of a family of migrant workers.
Personal Needs ProfileThe personal needs profile (PNP) is a list of accommodations attached to a student record denoting any special requirements to enable the student to take a test.
Special ProgramsA list of programs that the student is involved in, such as Gifted, English Language Learner, etc.
Test CodeIndicates the test to which the student is assigned. There will likely be additional fields indicating test session assignments, test form assignments, etc.