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Technical Bulletin

Published: Pending

What is happening?

To better prepare customers for annual technology planning, Pearson has adopted a support policy to help districts anticipate upcoming support changes. The TestNav System Requirement Policy aligns TestNav system requirements with manufacturer-supported operating systems (OSs) and devices.

This best practice ensures that all district personnel and students experience efficient and reliable testing sessions.

Manufacturer development cycles vary and release details are often vague until close to release dates. As a result, Pearson’s policy requires referencing manufacturer policies. Annually, Pearson will base support for OSs and devices on manufacturer support as of each July 15.

What does this mean?

Technology personnel should evaluate manufacturer support to determine whether they should purchase new devices technology planning for each upcoming school year.

For example, using the TestNav System Requirement Policy, districts can estimate upcoming support for the 2020-21 school year to be the following:

OSEstimated Version Support (2020-2021)
OS X/macOS

10.13, 10.14, 10.15


12, 13

Chrome OS

Chrome OS 84


Windows 10, version 1803

Windows 10, version 1809

Windows 10, version 1903

Windows 10, version 1909


Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)

Android (pending resolution with Google)

9, 10

What do I need to do (and how do I do it)?

District personnel should bookmark and familiarize themselves with this policy to prepare devices every school year

You can also find available details for the upcoming school year in the Upcoming Support Changes section of TestNav System Requirements.