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Error codes below relate to application errors:

Error numberError messageAdditional info and instruction
2000Server returned success = no. Close both the test and browser.The student test session has been terminated. The test administrator must resume the student's test. 
Close all browser windows and log in to the test. 
If this does not resolve the issue, contact Pearson support.
2001You have less than 5 minutes left.This test automatically ends when the timer runs out. 
2002The system was auto-saving your response. Please try to navigate again.The system was auto-saving your response. Extended and Rich Text items auto-save every two minutes. If you see this message, the system saved a response and couldn't navigate away from the page while doing so. Try to navigate again.
2003A file failed to load. The test will be closed. Contact your administrator.This error message is used to log information in the log file. End users should never see this message. Contact Pearson support.
2004A test item is missing required state information.Contact Pearson support. 
2005Please wait. TestNav is updating.No action required.
2008TestNav has detected that this device is out of memory. Please restart this device to free memory and log back in.TestNav displays this message when the device is running out of memory. Shut down the device, and then restart it.
The proctor must resume the student's testing session in the assessment management system before the student signs into TestNav again.
2009Your browser does not support recording audio. Please use supported versions of Chrome or Firefox browsersTestNav displays this error if forms with audio capture items are launched in IE or Safari browsers. Exit the test and relaunch it in TestNav 8 supported versions of Chrome or Firefox.


Your test was refreshed, please start over. TestNav displays this ONLY for practice tests if a student refreshes the browser. Responses are lost and the student must start over.
The section has to be opened by the test administrator/proctor before you can enter it.TestNav displays this error when the proctor has not started the section remotely, and a student tries to start the section through TestNav.
The section has to be closed by the test administrator/proctor before you can submit it. Please try submitting after the proctor has closed the section. TestNav displays this error when the proctor has not closed the section remotely, and the student tries to submit the section through TestNav.
There was a problem contacting the testing server. Please try again. TestNav displays this error when the it calls the server to check if the section has started or stopped, but no response came back due to network connectivity error or due to a connection time out.
The student should restart the section or submit the section, when he or she is ready.


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