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While administering a TestNav session, you should understand the TestNav user interface to better direct students and answer allowable questions regarding the interface and functionality. When students launch a test, the interface includes common elements, regardless of accessibility settings.

The Header Bar

The image below show elements of the header bar you see at the top of the page and explains their functionality.

Click the images below to enlarge.



The next arrow takes students to the next question. Students can also click the previous arrow to go back within the same section.


The Review button opens the Review drop-down menu. Students see the status of each question and bookmarked questions. They can click any question in that section to review it.


The Bookmark button marks a question with a bookmark in the Review drop-down menu to remind the student to review the question later. 


The toolbar provides various tools for the student to work through questions. Tool availability depends on item requirements. As a result, not all items display each of these tools. 
From left to right, the toolbar may include any or all of the following: 

  • Pointer
  • Quarter-Inch Ruler
  • Eighth-Inch Ruler
  • Protractor
  • ScientificCalculator
  • Four-Function Calculator
  • Centimeter Ruler
  • Five-Function Calculator
  • Answer Eliminator
  • TI108 Calculator
  • Notepad

For more details on these tools, see TestNav Tools.


The User drop-down menu includes the Logout of TestNav option, as well as any accessibility options set during student registration in the assessment management system.

Completing and Submitting a Test

Students navigate the test using primarily the header bar; however, they also encounter different pages between sections and at the end of the test. The screenshots below provide examples and important information about these pages. You can also see live demos of testing and submitting a test in the Demonstration Videos section below.

End Section Page

Students see the page below at the end of a section. This page shows which section the student has completed, as well as the number of unanswered questions, questions answered, and bookmarked questions. The student can click the Review button to review questions only in that section. After students leave a section, they cannot go back to that section again.

Section Exit Warning

Students see the Section Exit Warning when they click Submit Section. This warning reminds students that they cannot return to this section after the exit it. Students can click Yes to go to the next section, or No to close the warning message and review questions in that section.

End of Test Page

Students see this page when they reach the end of the last section of the test. This page shows the section number, the number of unanswered questions, questions answered, and bookmarked questions. They can click the Review button to review questions only in that section, or click Submit Final Answers to submit and log out of TestNav. Students cannot go back into the test after they click Submit Final Answers.

Test Submit Warning

After the student clicks Submit Final Answers, TestNav displays the Test Submit Warning. This warning confirms that students are ready to exit the test. The warning reminds students that they cannot return to the test when they click Yes, Submit Final AnswersAgain, students cannot go back into the test after they click Yes, Submit Final Answers.

Log Out Complete Page

When students click Yes, Submit Final Answers, TestNav logs them out and they see the Log Out Complete page.

Demonstration Videos

The videos below provide additional details on specific TestNav pages and features.

Navigation Basics

Accessibility additions featured in vary according to student registration APIs. For more information, see Personal Needs and Preferences (PNP) and TestNav.

Video Coming Soon.

Review Drop-Down Menu and Bookmark Button

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