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Technical Bulletin

May 4, 2016

What is happening?

Organizations using Firefox (or FF ESR) with Java 8u91 or 8u92 may experience issues launching TestNav 7.5 and System Check.

At the start of a test, users may encounter error 7023, "Javascript error encountered. Your test administrator will need to make sure this computer is running the correct versions of necessary software and try again."

This error results from a compatibility issue with Firefox and these newer Java versions.

What do I need to do?

Until May 19, organizations using TestNav 7.5 can continue using Firefox (or FF ESR) only with Java versions 8u71 through 8u77.

On May 19, Oracle expires Java versions 8u71 through 8u77 and will enforce a Java update. At this time, it is unknown whether Mozilla plans to release a Firefox patch to allow applets to consistently launch with newer Java versions.

To avoid interruptions in testing, organizations may use supported versions of Internet Explorer or Safari with Java 8u91 and 8u92

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