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(info) Feature availability varies by program.

You can accept a request for remote testing to allow a student enrolled in another organization to test in your organization.

Click the bell icon  to view requests waiting for approval.


You can choose to read or watch the instructions below.

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  1. From Setup, select Work Requests.

  2. Click the checkbox next to the request.To limit the requests displayed, click the Work Type filter, and select Remote Testing.

  3. Click Select Tasks, select Approve/Reject Remote Testing, and click Start.

  4. Click Approve. Or, provide a reason for rejection, and click Reject.

What's Next?

 After you assign a test to a remote testing organization...

A flag notifies an authorized user in that organization to approve or reject the test.

 Approve or Reject Request

If the user approves the test, he or she can assign it to a session. If rejected, a user in the original organization can assign it to a session in that organization. 

 You can verify a student's remote testing status...
  1. From Setup, select Students.

  2. Click the information icon next to the student record.

  3. Click the Sessions tab. The Remote Testing session name appears.

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