Extended Text

Extended Text (also called Constructed Response) allows the student to enter text in a multi-line essay box. To create an Extended Text item, click Create Item and then the Elements tab. Under Response Interactions, click on the plus sign next to the label Extended Text in the left panel.


The first section of the Extended Text Edit interface is for a prompt. This subpart begins closed because it is optional, and most item creators tend to create their stem or prompt using the text module, which has additional features.


In this subsection of the Extended Text module you can select to enable a spell check button, set the box height,  and choose a character picker option.  

Spell Check Button:

The Spell Check Button can be included or excluded from the toolbar by clicking the checkbox.  The default setting is Enabled.

Box Height:

Box Height indicates the size of the box the student will use for their response to the stem. The default choice is Medium (118px), but the menu provides a range of options.

The student can enter more characters than are visually displayed in the essay box. In these cases, a scrollbar will allow the test taker to scroll through their response.

Character Picker:

Options for None, Spanish, or French can be selected.


In this subsection of the Extended Text module, you can indicate the maximum allowed characters the student can type into the response box.

The default character limit is 1000 characters. This may be changed by deleting and typing the desired number of characters. The maximum number of characters allowed in any of the boxes is 10,000. TestNav 8 only honors the maximum allowed characters if no tool bar is used.