Access Item Analysis By Item Report

The Item Analysis by Item report focuses on student performance on each item. You can view item IDs, the skills and standards that correlate to them, and the percentage of your class that answered the item correctly. You can also click the class breakdown icon () next to each percentage to view students included in it. You can evaluate items with low percentages and provide students additional instruction on the correlated skills and standards. 

This report may also help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each item. You may also decide to replace items with low percentages with other items that meet the correlated skills and standards.

Depending on your project, you may see links to view the items and rubrics.


  • Confirm your role under your name and your district or school in the Organization dropdown. If you have access to multiple projects or organizations, click each dropdown to select the one(s) you want to view.
  • Tests must have been previously scored. Pearson provides these reports based on responses received from your class. This report only reflects those provided responses.


  1.  From the main menu, click (or tap) Reports.

  2. Select your administration.

    On the Assessment Results page, you can use the Administration Selector to change the at administration any time. Next to the Administration Selector,  you can click the Report Options iconto alter how the system presents the data. 

  3. On the class row, click the more options icon , and select Classes.
    If you have access to more than one organization, first click the more options icon to select Districts. Then, find your district, and select your school.

  4. On the class bar graph, you can view data in two possible ways:

    - Click a colored section of the bar graph, and then either a performance level or View Performance Details.

    - Click a percentage or count for the subject you want to view.

  5. Click the Report Name* dropdown to select Item Analysis by Item.

  6. Click the Grade dropdown to select the grade. The system displays a list of items and their details.

  7. Click the standard to view standard details.

  8. Click each Class Breakdown icon () to view students included in that percentage.

    If available, click View Item or View Rubric to see each, as well. 
    You can also download the report.