For navigation instructions, see Access Transcend Reports.

The STATUS OVERVIEW REPORT contains the score and performance levels for each grade in a district or a school.  

1 - Click the info icon on the right to expose info icons on the report. Click those to view details on each report element.

2 - The Status by Grade chart shows the score and the number of students that earned that score. 

  • You can click the grade (3, in this example) to see the subgroups of that grade (for example, schools in the district, or classes in the school). 
  • You can click details to go to the STATUS AND GROWTH SUMMARY REPORT for that grade.

3 - The Performance Levels by Grade graph includes Performance Level colors that represent each earned performance level and the percentage of students that performed at that level. 

4 - Click details at the school (or class) level to go to the STATUS AND GROWTH SUMMARY REPORT for that specific group. Click drill down to go to the STATUS OVERVIEW REPORT for that specific group.

(info) You can click Download Report to download a PDF version of the report. You can also click the back button above to go back to the online version of the report.