Test forms define the contents of online tests. Each test form is a collection of test questions grouped together to measure a student's understanding of a subject. One or multiple test forms are created for each test. Each test form created for the same test contains a set of test questions that are different from other test forms, but deemed equivalent in their ability to assess student knowledge.

You can change the test form assigned to a specific student; this is called overriding a form.

This can be done at any time, provided the student is in Ready status, as described in Monitor or Change Student Status, and more than one test form is available for the selected test.

Find the Student

Select the Form that Will Override the Original Form

  1. Select the check box next to each student record to select the student(s) whose form(s) you wish to override.

  2. Open the task list and select Form Override and click Start.

  3. Select the check box next to a student's name in the list to confirm your selection. Enter a reason. Select a new form and click SaveIf you have multiple students selected, you can mark Use the same Reason for checked Students in Sessions to record a reason for all of them at the same time.