Enrollment counts are used primarily for ordering materials for paper testing, such as for test booklets or for special needs like large-print and braille. 

There are two methods of entering enrollment counts.  

  1. You can import either an organization participation file or a student file with enrollment counts, as described in Import and Export Data.
  2. You can enter enrollment counts directly within the system.

Enrollment counts can be reviewed and updated until a specified closing date. On the closing date, an order for test materials is automatically submitted and materials are shipped to schools before the scheduled testing windows.

Marking Enrollment Counts Entry Complete, here or under Manage Completion Statuses, indicates whether your organization has entered final figures.

To enter enrollment counts directly within the system, follow these steps:

From Setup > Organizations, select an organization to manage its enrollment count. Then select Edit Enrollment Counts and make your changes.

Mark Enrollment Counts Entry Complete when the enrollment count data is complete for this test administration. This status is used mainly as a reminder to other users. Even if marked Completed, the counts can be changed until the customer-specified window for enrollment counts closes. Enrollment counts are not considered final until the closing day of that window is reached.

When the enrollment count window closes, the materials order is finalized and submitted automatically.