TestNav 8 Online Support


TestNav 8 is the online test delivery system Florida uses.

Accessing TestNav 8

To access the application, use this URL: http://fl.testnav.com/.

Using TestNav 8

To use TestNav 8, perform these tasks.

Before Testing

During Testing

The following set of tasks assist you in successfully administering your testing.

Florida Policies - TestNav 8

To qualify, you must perform to these levels.

You MUST successfully complete at least one qualification set in order to receive a Test Administrator Qualification Number (for KPT) or Qualified Writing Scorer Code (for AZELLA Placement Stages II-V Writing). You will receive a different Qualified Writing Scorer Code for each Stage Writing qualification set that you pass. These codes will be printed on your certificate and listed in the Cert.ID column of the table presented in Review Scoring Progress.

If you do not successfully complete at least one qualification set, you will not receive a number. Contact your AZELLA District Test Coordinator for further instructions.

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