This task is similar to the hand-entered scores of Enter Scores for Alternative Student Tests - Original page which was in production since March, no longer needed., however in this instance, the scores are entered by a non-involved third party. The scores entered here can later be compared to the scores entered by teachers and test proctors in the other task, to help monitor the accuracy of score entry.

To enter monitor scores, follow the steps on this page:

  1. From Testing > Student Tests, search to find the student test(s) you want or click the down arrow next to the Search button to reveal and select the option to show all results. Select the student test(s) you want to edit.

    Mark the box to select each student test. Click the information icon  for more information about the student.

  2. Open the task list and select Enter Monitor Scores and click Start.


  3. Select the student on the left and enter the required details and scores. Click Save to finish.  If you want more detailed information about the student test, click Show Student Details.