When an organization's assessment data is ready for reporting  the organization sends an approval request to its parent or to a higher organization. Once approved, reports are available for the requesting organization. 

Send an Approval Request for Reporting

There are two ways to send an approval requests as explained below:

Option- Manage ATR Status

To send an approval request using Manage ATR (authorization to report), follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Organizations, using the filters, select your organization  or click the down arrow next to the Search button and select Show all results.

  2. Click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Manage ATR Status. Click Start.

  3. Select the organization, click Request Authorization.

Option - Work Requests 

  1. From Setup > Work Requests, select from the Work Type filter Final Reporting and then select your organization. 

  2. Click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Request / Edit Final Reporting. Click Start.

  3. Select the organization, click Send Request.