When an organization's assessment data is ready for reporting, the organization sends an approval request to an organization above it in the hierarchy, as described in 3.1 NEW Request Authorization for Reporting. Once approved, reports are available for the requesting organization to view. 

Approve Reporting Requests

There are two options to approve reporting requests as explained below:

Option - Manage via Authorization to Report Requests

To send an approval for reporting using Manage ATR (authorization to report), follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Organizations, search to find your organization or click the down arrow next to the Search button and select Show all results. Select the organization.

  2. Click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Manage ATR Status. Click Start.

  3. Select the organization and click Authorized to Report.


Option - Manage via Work Requests

To approve or reject a reporting request using Work Requests, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Work Requests, click the Work Type filter and select Final Reporting. Select your organization. 

  2. Click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Approve / Reject Final Reporting. Click Start.

  3. Select the organization, click Approve or Reject,  as appropriate. 

Approval Notification

A red bell icon at the top of a page indicates there are approval requests for reporting. Click the bell icon and then click Reporting Requests to see pending approvals.


View Reporting Requests

From Setup > Work Requests, click the Work Type filter select Final ReportingAll reporting requests will be listed.

Related Information

To understand how the request for reporting is created, see 3.1 NEW Request Authorization for Reporting.