Request a Remote Testing Organization assignment so a student can test in a different organization than enrolled.

How to Assign a Remote Testing Organization

To request a student assignment to a remote testing organization:

  1. From Testing > Student Tests.

  2. Select a student test(s). A test's status must be set to Ready before you can assign it to a remote organization. 

  3. Select the task Assign Remote Testing Org.

  4. To assign the student test(s) to a remote testing organization, you can either: 

    Assign each student a remote testing organization.

    1. Select a Remote Organization for a student test. 

    2. Click Save. 
  1. Assign a remote testing organization to all selected students. 
    1. Select student tests.


    2. Select the organization.

    3. Click Assign to selected student tests.

    4. Click Save.

Related Information

To cancel your request(s) for remote testing, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Work Requests.

  2. Select a request(s).

  3. Select Edit Remote Testing.

  4. Click Cancel Request. 

After the remote testing organization approves the request, as described in Approve/Reject Remote Testing, they can assign the student(s) to a session. 

When a student tests remotely, their record remains in their enrolled organization. This ensures that the remote testing organization does not have access to the student's data. Once the student finishes testing, the student's enrolled organization receives the student's testing data. 

Remote testing differs from an enrollment transfer, in which student records transfer from one organization to another.