For step-by-step setup instructions, click the links below. You can also read further on this page for a detailed overview on installable TestNav, App Check, and saved response file (SRF) and log files.

Installable TestNav

Browser-based TestNav

Wireless Testing Best Practices

If you're testing wirelessly, use the following best practices:

  • Use the most wireless access points (WAPs) possible.
  • Limit the number of computers per WAP.
  • Limit distance and obstructions between devices and the WAPs.
  • Run an infrastructure trial to test capacity and performance.

Understand App Check with Installable TestNav

Understand SRF and Log Files


TestNav app version 1.5.x is required after its August 2016 release.

Users will see an error message if a testing device does not have the updated version installed.

The table below shows how each app updates.

TestNav App
Update Process
Android appAuto update - No action required.*
Chrome appAuto update - No action required.*
iOS appDownload updated version from App Store.
TestNav DesktopDownload updated version from
*Unless the auto-update feature is disabled. If disabled, download updated versions from the appropriate app store.