Students are enrolled in an organization during the student record creation process. You can move a student to another organization by changing the student's enrollment. Use these instructions only if you need to add to or change a student's enrollment.

Most students will belong to only one organization, which is generally the school the student attends. However, because some students may attend more than one school and be tested in more than one school, it is possible for a student to belong to more than one organization.

  1. From Setup > Students, search to find the student(s) you want to edit or click the down arrow next to the Search button to reveal and select the option to show all results. You can change the Find Students setting to show only students in your currently selected session or in all available sessions.

  2. Open the task list and select Enroll Students and click Start

  3. Click in the Organizations search area to find organizations. Select the organizations you want to show in the list, from which you will add or remove each selected student's enrollment. Click the X in an added organization to remove it from your list.

  4. Use the check boxes to indicate whether your selected students are enrolled in each organization.

  5. Click Save.