When a paper test is processed, a scan of the test is made available, if included in your testing program's specifications. Once these scans are made, PDF files are available for download from the system.

The following example images are only partial page samples taken from full page samples. The actual PDFs you download will be full-page images.

To view answer document scans, follow the steps on this page:

  1. From Testing > Student Tests, search to find the student test(s) you want or click the down arrow next to the Search button to reveal and select the option to show all results.

  2. Find the column that contains the PDF link and click the link. The label for the column and the title of the document may be different for each testing program, but it will look like this.

Related Information

What portion of the test booklet scan may be provided is variable, based on your testing program contract. It may include something like these examples: