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  1. Remove a Student from a Session

    On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ What’s Next? You can remove a student from a session to change the student's test day or test session … Select Tasks, select Remove Students from Sessions, and click Start.RemoveStuSess9.png Click the checkbox next to the student.RemoveStuSess10.png Click
  2. Remove Student Tests from a Group

    ♦ ♦ Effects Feature availability varies by program. You can remove student tests from a group to delete test data for completed administrations. StepbyStep ReadIt200.png … remove all student tests from a group, you or an authorized user can delete the group. Back to the top
  3. Delete a Student from a Session

    You can delete one or more students from a session if: The student moves to a new school/district/state outside of his/her enrolled organization. The student … Enter or click the search icon. PAsessionsMODE2.png Select one or more students. Click Remove. The system displays a deletion confirmation message and updates
    Pearson AccessDec 06, 2019
  4. FL PAN Training v13.pptx

    can select tasks to add students to sessions, remove students from sessions and move students between sessions. To make changes to existing test sessions, you … download a Security Checklist or Student Roster report from PearsonAccess. These reports have all been moved to the Operational Reports screen located
    Florida Information / … / Florida InformationJan 08, 2016
  5. Manage Student Enrollments in an Organization

    On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ You can manage student enrollments to register a student in another organization(s) or to remove the student from an organization. Most students belong to only one organization (generally the student's school); however, some students change schools, and for testing
  6. Delete a Session

    . This deletes test data for completed test administrations. Prerequisites Before you can delete a session, you must first remove all students from the session. If you don't remove students from the session, an error message appears.DeleteSess1.png StepbyStep ReadIt200.png (Click iconphotoRGB .png to view image) From Testing
  7. Update Student Registration

    the information to update the registration.UpdateStuReg6.png To remove a student from the selected administration, deselect Register under the student's name. Click … remove all tests tied to that student record before you register the student. You cannot unregister a student if tests are assigned. StepbyStep You can choose
  8. Create a Student Record

    the record in your organization, the student record continues to show both old and new organizations, unless an authorized user removes the student from the old … iconphotoRGB .pngto view image) From Setup, select Students.AddStudent1.png Select the task Create / Edit Students.AddStudent2.png Type/select student
  9. Delete an Organization

    registrations. See the What's Next section on the Register/Unregister a Student page. Remove all students from the organization by either: Enrolling students in another … On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ You can delete an organization to remove it from the system. Prerequisites Your user account must belong
  10. Assign Users to Student Tests

    . StepbyStep ReadIt200.png (Click iconphotoRGB .png to view image) From Testing, select Student Tests.AssiUsStudTest1.png Type the student name into the search field … Users search field, and click Assign to selected student tests.AssiUsStudTest6.png Click Save.AssiUsStudTest7.png What's Next? (Optional) To remove a user