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  1. Student and Registration Reports

    Student Registration Grade Gender DOB Test Student Registration UUID Student Test UUID Rejected Student Test List Rejected student tests User Organization Test … Identifier Last Name First Name Middle Name Local Student Code Date of Birth Gender School Name School Code Enrollment DateTime Student Registration Summary
  2. Update Student Registration

    On this page General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ What’s Next? You can update the test administration tied to a student record. Prerequisites You must remove all tests tied to that student record before you register the student. You cannot unregister a student if tests are assigned. StepbyStep You can choose
  3. Edit Student Test Details

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ You can edit student test details to change the student's organization or update student testing attributes (for example testing mode, accommodations, do not report). Editing student test details does not allow you to change a student's responses. StepbyStep ReadIt200.png (Click
  4. Edit a Student Record

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ What’s Next? You can edit a student record to change the organization to which a student is tied. The student record includes biographical data (for example name, dateofbirth, and gender. Editing student test details does not allow you to change a student's responses. Pearson
  5. Edit a Session

    date, etc. Available details vary by program, role permissions, and the session status. Some programs can create a session through a student registration import … Tasks, select Create / Edit Students, and click Start.EditSess4.png Select the session.EditSess5.png Type/select the session information to update.EditSess6.png
  6. Edit a Reporting Group

    to it to limit who access the reporting group. Assign students to a reporting group by student registrations or student tests, as determined by your program. Back to the top … On this page: General Information ♦ Instructions ♦ What's Next? You can edit a reporting group to update the details, such as the attached organization, group
  7. Manage Student Reports in a Reporting Group

    registrations, depending on your program's requirements. Pearson recommends that you add and manage students in a reporting group through a file import; however, you can also do this through the UI data fields. Prerequisites You must create a reporting group before you add student tests or student registrations
  8. _PAsup_reportingGroups_Introduction

    A reporting group consists of student registrations or student tests that are selected and assigned to that group. A reporting group of registrations contains … a reporting group, you can assign a user to it. The user can see reports for the student registrations or student tests in that group. You can assign students
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  9. FL PAN Training v13.pptx

    information. Create/Edit Students Setup tasks must be completed before students can test, including enrollment, registration, test assignments and, for some testing … test configurations, etc. Testing tasks – this area is where you will manage testing. Like creating or editing test sessions, monitoring students in sessions
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  10. Student Tests Complete

    click the session name, the system displays editable session details, a Students in this Session bar graph/filter, and a Student List with options to manage … students to see the Districts to which they belong. Then, click the number of schools in that district to see its Schools. Then, click the number of students
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