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  1. Create, Edit, or Delete Data

    Users with specific permissions can create, edit, or delete LEA, district, school, class, course, and user data through the Pearson Access user interface (UI). These labels vary by project. Prerequisites Confirm that your role has permission to create, edit, or delete the data type you want to manage before attempting
    Pearson AccessSep 22, 2020
  2. Training Modules

    Managing and Registering Students This module explains how to create and edit student records, register and assign students to tests, and create groups or classes … information, see Create a Student Record, Edit a Student Record, Register/Unregister a Student, Assign/Unassign a Test, and Manage Groups
  3. Edit a Group

    , select Create / Edit Groups, and click Start.EditGroup3.png Type or select the details to edit the group.EditGroup4.png Click Save. What's Next? Add student tests … On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ What’s Next? You can edit a group to change the name of the group or the associated organization. StepbyStep
  4. Create, Edit, or Delete a District

    Users with specific permissions can create, edit, or delete a district. A district is a lowerlevel organization than the topmost level (the project). Districts … , and click Save. You can also select Shipping Coordinator, if applicable, and add details for your Shipping Coordinator. PACreateDistrictDetails.png Edit District
    Pearson AccessSep 22, 2020
  5. Edit an Organization

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ ♦ You can edit an organization to: Update an organization's demographic information (address, phone number, etc.). Change the organization it is tied to. Close the organization. This page describes how to manually edit an organization through user interface data fields; however
  6. Merge Temporary Student with a Permanent Student Record

    Administrators and test coordinators can merge temporary and permanent student records for scoring and reporting. After you merge temporary student test attempts with a permanent student record, the system automatically deletes the temporary student. Prerequisites Confirm that you are in the Administrator role. You
    Pearson AccessOct 10, 2020
  7. Create, Edit, or Delete Local Education Agency (LEA)

    Create, Edit, or Delete Local Education Agency (LEA) Users with specific permissions can create, edit, or delete an LEA. An LEA is an agency that contains … . PALEACreateSave.png Edit an LEA From the main menu, click LEAs. Scroll to find the LEA or search for it, and click it. PAEditLEA0.png Click Edit. PAEditLEA1.png
    Pearson AccessSep 22, 2020
  8. Remove a Student from a Session

    On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ What’s Next? You can remove a student from a session to change the student's test day or test session. You can perform this task only after initial test registration. You do not need to perform this step if you delete a test registration before the session starts
  9. View Student Data

    Student data includes the student’s personal or systemrelated information. StepbyStep In the main menu, click (or tap) Students. PAVidStudents.png Click a student’s name, or first, enter search criteria. PAviewstudentlist.png Click the expand arrows to toggle between each Student Details section. pastudentdetails.png
    Pearson AccessOct 05, 2020
  10. Monitor or Change a Student Test Status

    Monitor and Update a Student Test Status You can update a student’s testing status, depending on his or her current testing status. Before you attempt to change a student test status, you should familiarize yourself with Session Details monitoring sections. You can click the Session Details section arrows to see
    Pearson AccessOct 10, 2020