Pearson recommends importing or exporting/re-importing files that contain large amounts of data. Users can, then, access this data to update existing records and/or add new records.

Data files and fields may vary by program. For details, see Data File Descriptions and Data Field Descriptions


Your program works with Pearson to clearly define data file content and layout. Authorized users import data files using organization-specific instructions on file formats and data.


  1. From Setup, select Import / Export Data.

  2. Click Start and select Import / Export Data.

  3. Select the type of file you want to import or export.
  4. Type or select the necessary details that apply. Depending on the file type, you may see options to extract specific data in the reports. You can see the selected export options in the Parameter section of the view file details.
  5. Click Choose File, and navigate to the file you want to import. You may select Ignore Error Threshold (when available)
  6. Click Process.


What's Next? (Optional)

Review the files in the Errors section. Make necessary changes, and repeat the steps to import data.