You must indicate an organization's participation in an administration(s) before it can take part in an administration. 

 Marking your organization as Participating...

When you mark your organization as Participating, you can create groups in that organization, assign tests to those groups, and assign students in those groups. You cannot participate in a test administration unless you mark this.

 Marking Participation Entry Complete...

When you mark Participation Entry Complete, this indicates both the organization's intent to participate in the test administration and that the organization has finalized any necessary participation data.

If available, you can also select/type administration-specific details (for example, shipping times, school type, start, and close dates, etc.).

(info) Details available vary by program.


Pearson recommends that you create an organization and manage its test administration participation at the same time.

  If the organization was created previously...

You should find it in unregistered organizations. To do so, change the Find Organizations setting to ignore participation in your currently selected administration.


  1. From Setup, select Organizations.

  2. Type the organization in the search field, and click Search.

  3. Click Select Tasks, select Manage Participation, and click Start.

  4. Click the checkbox next to Participating or Participation Entry Complete.

  5. Type/select the information if available.

  6. Click Save.


 If you are affiliated with more than one organization...

You can view the list of participating organizations in the selected test administration:

  1. From Setup, select Organizations.
  2. Select the test administration from the Participating in... dropdown next to the Find Organizations.
  3. Select Show all results from the Search dropdown.

What's Next? (Optional)

 You can also simultaneously manage completion for multiple organizations...

To mark multiple organizations participation and enrollment counts entry complete:

  1. From Setup, select Organizations.
  2. Select Show all results from the Search dropdown.

  3. Click the checkbox next to the organizations.

  4. Click Select Tasks, select Manage Completion Statuses, and click Start.


  5. Click the Participation Entry Complete or Enrollment Counts Entry Complete checkbox next to the organizations.

    This setting is the same as Enrollment Counts Entry Complete in Manage Enrollment Counts.

  6. Click Save.