You can create a user to add an account holder by entering personal and system-related information. For example, you can enter a user ID and email address, and assign this user to an organization. When you assign the user to an organization, you define the data he or she can access.

You can also specify a date range for account access. Doing so ensures that the user can log in only during the specified date range.

To learn about user account data fields, see User Account Data Fields.


  1. From Setup, select Users.

  2. Click Select Tasks, select Create / Edit Users, and click Start.

  3. Type/Select the user information.

  4. Click Create.


After you create a user, you can view user account information.

  1. From Setup, select Users.
  2. Type a user name into the search field, and click Search.

  3. Click the information icon in the Username column.

    If this column does not display, click Manage Columns, select Username, and click Apply

What's Next?

The email you entered automatically populates in the Username field. To change the username, delete the user's email from the Username field and enter the desired username before you click Create.

After you create an account, the system sends an email to the new user. If the email is returned, undelivered, the system displays an email delivery failure.