Orders specify the quantity of testing-related materials Pearson (or your selected vendor) ships. Customers often base high-quantity testing-material orders on student testing-volume estimates at each given location.

You can create other material orders through PearsonAccess UI data fields. Customers can manually order materials to:

  • Expedite the shipment of extra, previously shipped materials.
  • Request items needed in smaller volumes (such as braille and large print booklets). 
  • Order miscellaneous materials necessary to support to the testing process (like administrator manuals or calculators).

Authorized users must approve orders and verify shipping and contact information before they are filled.

Track Order Status

You can track your order status for shipped materials and resolve related issues. 



SubmittedOrder was created and is waiting for Approval, Rejection or Cancellation.

Order was approved and sent to Pearson.

At this stage the status of the order cannot be changed in the system.


Order was received and Pearson is processing it. 


Order was processed, and the system received the shipment information.


Order was processed and delivered.

RejectedOrder was denied.

Order was processed, and Pearson will deliver available ordered materials. Pearson ships the remainder of ordered materials as they become available.

An email notification is sent when an order status changes to Rejected, Approved, or Shipped.