You can create an order to specify the quantity of testing-related materials to be shipped


  1. From Setup, go to Orders & Shipment Tracking.

  2. Click Select Tasks, click Create / Edit Orders, and click Start.

  3. Type or select the required details about the order.

  4. Click Add Items under Materials Order.

  5. Type the amount of each item, and click Save.

  6. Click Create.


After you create an order, you or authorized users can view the order:

  1. From Setup, go to Orders & Shipment Tracking.

  2. Select a period of time to search in the Find Orders Placed and Updated in dropdown, and click Search.

  3. You can click the information icon to view delivery and tracking information.  The status represents where the order is in the delivery process.

    From the Create/Edit Orders task, you can also click Show Order Details to see more detailed information.

What's Next? (Optional)

To understand how to track material shipments, and report and resolve shipping issues, see Track Material Shipments.