You can edit a session to update session details including session name, password, form group type, start date, etc. Available details vary by program, role permissions, and the session status

Some programs can create a session through a student registration import. Refer to your administrator to check whether you have this option. 


  1. From Testing, select Sessions.

  2. Type the session name into the search field, and click Search.

  3. Click the checkbox next to the session.

  4. Click Select Tasks, select Create / Edit Sessions, and click Start.

  5. Select the session.

  6. Type/select the session information to update.

  7. Click Save.


The update does not carry over to the student registration file.

If you need to re-import a student registration file, you must, first, open the file and update the session name. Then, reimport it. Otherwise, the system will not move the student tests to the new session.

What's Next? (Optional)

  • Download test tickets and seal codes to distribute before test sessions begin.
    Test tickets contain student sign-in credentials for TestNav. Seal codes control student access to each test section.
  • Control and manage the online testing process.