Users with specific permissions can create, view and/or edit Transcend assessments from within PearsonAccessnext.


To access Transcend assessments, confirm your project and role, and select an organization at the district level.


  1. Click the organization dropdown, select District, and click a district-level organization.
  2. Click Test Config, and select Interim Test Setup from either the left or top navigation menu.

  3. Click Create Test.
  4. Select a Subject and Grade, and click Continue.

  5. Select standards for each subject and sub-category to build the Intelligent Test Blueprint (ITB). You can click the info icon at the ITB's top-right to show info icons for each standard, and then click an icon to review each specific standard before you select it.

Transcend tests are cumulative so you can select only new standards for that instructional unit. The system automatically includes previously taught standards on the test.

6. After you select all applicable standards, click Review Blueprint. You can also click Close Blueprint to discard it. Your changes do not save.

7. Review your ITB standard selections. Then, you can:

    • Click Modify Selections to change any standards you previously selected. 
    • Or, click Build Blueprint to save the ITB.

If you modify any selections, you must click Review Blueprint again before you can click Build Blueprint to save your modified version.

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