App Check displays error messages if any of the following scenarios occur:

  • The device is not connecting to TestNav. To resolve this issue, refer to TestNav System Requirements and Set up and use TestNav to confirm settings on each supported device.

  • The device is not configured to start TestNav in Kiosk Mode. To resolve this issue, see Set up and Use TestNav to confirm settings on each supported device.

  • Windows Game Bar is running. To resolve this issue, refer to the Microsoft support site, and search for "disable Game Bar."

  • The primary OR secondary saved response file (SRF) path is invalid. To resolve this issue, sign in to PearsonAccessNext, and update the TestNav Configuration Task.

  • If configured, App Check can also verify connectivity to ProctorCache. To resolve this issue, refer to the ProctorCache Requirements and Set Up and Use ProctorCache and confirm settings.

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