Pearson designed TestNav apps to update with minimal effort from our users. TestNav apps are released once a year in June.

After the updated version is released, the app automatically updates the next time it is launched on the following operating systems (OSs):

  • Chrome

  • iPadOS
  • Windows (if downloaded from the Windows Store)

If your program disables auto-update by device management policy or other local constraints, you must re-download the TestNav app from the appropriate app store.

You must manually download and install the updated TestNav app from for the OSs below:

  • macOS
  • Linux

  • Windows (if downloaded directly from
While you can download the TestNav app for Windows from, Pearson recommends using the TestNav mobile app from the Windows Store (see above) because it does not require reinstallation. 

TestNav Development Cycle Details

The information in this section requires no action and is being provided only for understanding of the TestNav development cycle.

The TestNav apps mentioned in the above section are essentially OS-specific viewers used to lock down the TestNav test delivery platform for secure testing.

Pearson maintains the overall TestNav test delivery platform through a winter and summer major release, and patch releases throughout the year. These releases do not require user action. The next time a user launches TestNav after an update is pushed for his or her program, it presents the most current TestNav version.

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