An eligibility-based administration rosters students based on student criteria (grade and organization) instead of class criteria (grade, course, class, organization). 

Unlike in a class-based administration (where proctor groups and their test codes are created at the same time as the administration), eligibility proctor groups are created on-the-fly when proctors sign in to proctor a test; however, eligibility proctor groups can be pre-created if you wish to do so.

This page outlines the steps for creating an eligibility administration, as well as authorizing students into the administration for testing.

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Creating Proctor Groups

When an administration is created, ADAM generates a Test Code and Proctor Password for the proctor group. The Proctor Group Name is the administration name plus 'unassigned.' 

The Test Code and Proctor Password are referred to as the 'unassigned test code and proctor password' in the following instructions. 


Opening the Proctor Dashboard

The proctor must perform these steps prior to addressing the students in a testing group. You must have the unassigned test code and proctor password to continue.

After these steps, the proctor will:

  • Have a unique test code and proctor password specifically for the testing group
  • Provide the unique test code to the students in the testing group to begin testing
  1. Go to your ADAM sign in page and select Proctor a Test.
    URLs will vary, ask a test administrator if you are unsure which one to use.
  2. Enter the unassigned test code and proctor password you were provided, then select Submit.
  3. Complete the New Proctor Group form, then select Confirm. You are redirected to your proctor dashboard.
    1. If you are on the page shown below, but you have already created a proctor group for this administration, use the proctor group-specific test code and proctor password that was previously emailed to you.
    2. If you cannot find those codes, then contact your ADAM test coordinator to retrieve your existing test code and proctor password.

Starting the Administration

If you need to sign back in...

An email was sent to the email address you entered when completing the New Proctor Group form. This email includes a unique test code and proctor password, which you can use to sign in to the Proctor a Test page.

On the proctor dashboard, find the test code in the Actions section. Give this test code to the students in your proctor group when it is time to begin testing.

  1. Instruct students to go to the testing application.
  2. Provide students with the test code.
  3. Instruct students to follow the prompts on their screen to access the test...this will include the student validation code set up during test setup. This might be the state student ID and their last name.
  4. As students complete successfully sign in, they appear in the proctor dashboard. By default, administrations are set to require a proctor to approve the authentication of students during sign in and the ability to begin testing.
  5. Use the Approve Student button to let students in one at a time, or wait to approve the entire group at once using the Approve All Sessions button.
  6. Use the features on the proctor dashboard to control the sessions. 
For more information, see Proctor/Monitor a Test.

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