This page applies to only users that log in to ADAM directly on the ADAM Home page and not users who log in through a third-party app.

If a user is having difficulties resetting their password on the ADAM login page, an ADAM administrator can:

  • Send a reset password email, or
  • Manually set a user's password in ADAM.


  1. Select Rostering, then select Users.
  2. Search for the user and select the checkbox in front of their name.
  3. Select the ellipses on the top right, then select Send Password Reset Email(s).

  4. In the password reset popup, select Send. An email will be sent to the user.
  5. Instruct the user to follow the instructions in the email to reset their password. The email from ADAM is active for 24 hours.

If a user cannot use the Forgot Password? button on the ADAM login page or if they are not receiving the password reset email, an ADAM administrator can manually reset the user's password.


  1. Select Rostering, and then select Users.
  2. Search for the user that needs a password reset. Then select the Edit button on the right side of the row.
  3. At the bottom of the page, select Set Password.
  4. You must re-enter your login credentials before you can set the other user's password.
    • Logged In Users's Current Password – Enter the password you used to log in to ADAM (not the user you are trying to help).
    • New Password – Enter a new password for the user.
    • Confirm Password – Re-enter the user's new password.

      Follow the rules to set a proper password.

  5. Select Save.
  6. Inform the user of the new password, and confirm that they can log in to ADAM with the new password.

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