Use the Session Explorer to search for student test sessions by Student Name, Test Name, Test Program, etc. Both published and unpublished tests with administrations are included in Session Explorer. You can export the search results to a CSV file. This page is available only if your role has permission to access it.

  1. Go to Operations > Session Explorer.
  2. You must select at least one of the following filters:
    • Student: Enter a student's first and/or last name or the student's Session ID or External ID. Partial names may be used.
    • Test Program: Select one (and only one) test program.
    • Test Name: Select one (and only one) test. The dropdown is populated with published and unpublished tests.
    • Test Code: Type in a test code.
  3. Select one or more of the optional filters:
    • Organization: Select a district, school, or state.
    • State: Select a test state, such as In Progress.
    • Accommodations: Select one or more accommodation, such as Text To Speech.
    • Accountability Codes: Select an accountability code, such as Medical Excused.
  4. Select the Search button. Select Clear Search (on the top left) to remove all selected search criteria.
  5. In the Actions column, select the more menu to view:
    • History: View the session history. This includes creating sessions, student approval requests, changes to the test state, setting or changing accountability codes, etc. You can copy the Session ID or External ID (from TestNav) and search by that ID in the Student search field.
    • Delete Session: Remove the student session if it is not yet started (you can first reset an In-Progress session if needed). You will also need to modify the student to make sure they will not be rescanned back into the session. After deleting a session, its history will no longer be available.
    • Reset Session: Reset an In-Progress student session. This means that any existing responses will be removed, and the student will restart the test from the beginning. You will need to enter a reason and then select Save. For example, if a student starts the test and does not have Text to Speech, you can reset the session, delete the session, and then assign the test with the correct accommodations form. This action requires permission for your role.
    • Unsubmit Session: Unsubmit a submitted student session. This action requires permission for your role.
  6. In the Accountability column, select the Set Code button to add an accountability code, such as Cheating, for a student.
  7. To export the search results, select the checkbox in the table header, select Select All or Select Page, and then select the Export button on the top right. You can also select the checkbox for specific students to export just those students.