You can use the Test Assignment Search to see which students are assigned (or not assigned) to a specific test. You can export the search results to a CSV file. This page is available only if your role has permission to access it.


  1. Go to Operations > Test Assignments.
  2. Select the Test Information:
    • Test Name: You must select one (and only one) test.
    • Assignment  Select Assigned or Not Assigned.
  3. Select at least one Search Criteria:
    • Student Grade: Select one or more grade levels.
    • Student Course: Select a student course, such as Math 07.
  4. Optionally, you can select Report Filters
    • Organization: Select a district, school, or state.
    • Class: Select a class. (Field does not appear until you select an Organization.)
  5. Select the Search button. Select Clear Search to remove all selected search criteria.
  6. To export the search results, do one of the following, and then select the Export button:
    1. (Individual or specific students) Select the checkbox(es) next to the student name(s).
    2. (All results) Select the checkbox in the table header, and use Select All (select all results) or Select Page (select all results displayed on the page).

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