Users with the proper permissions can use the Student Accommodation Upload process to review, adjust, or add assigned accommodations to a student roster file to update one or more student records.


  1. Select Rostering, then select Users.
  2. Search for the students you want to view or update (set the Role filter to "Students"). You can search for all the students in a school, a specific class or a single grade.
  3. Select the checkbox in front of each student to update, or select the checkbox at the top of the list to select either all students in the search results or those on the current page. It is fine to include students here who will not need an accommodation as you will make assignments in a later step.
  4. Select the ellipses on the top right, then select Student Accommodation Upload.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions on the Student Accommodation Upload and Update Students via CSV page to:
    • Download the Roster file (CSV).
    • Open and modify the Roster file by setting accommodation values.
    • Save (as a CSV) and upload the Roster file back into ADAM.

Sample Roster File 

Each student will have one row for each accommodation profile. In example below, each student has three rows: Default, ELA, and Math. Only the accommodations enabled in your system will appear in the CSV file. 

You should only edit the data in the accommodation columns:

  • Add a 1 to any accommodation cell to enable an accommodation.
  • Remove the 1 from any accommodation cell to disable an accommodation.

If you do not have authority to modify certain accommodations, that accommodation label will be labeled as "(locked)" in the column header. Any changes made to the values in those columns will be ignored in the upload.

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