You can use the Upload Proctor Group option to quickly view all students in an administration and manage the proctor groups they belong in, much like creating multiple proctor groups at once. 


For administrations that share student rosters, repeat this process and copy the proctor groups from one administration roster file to another. See the video below for details.

  1. Select Test Management, then select Administrations.
  2. Locate the administration, then select the View under Proctor Groups.
  3. Select the Upload Proctor Group button.
  4. The ADAM UI describes the three steps in this process:
    Step 1 - Generate a Roster File
    1. Select a School.
    2. Select the Click to download template button. A roster file of students (.csv) downloads to your device.

    3. Step 2 - Update the Roster File
      1. Open the roster file.
      2. Follow the instructions in Step 2 on the ADAM UI page to modify the template you downloaded. Data below is mock data.
      3. Save the roster file as a .csv file.
    4. Step 3 - Upload the Roster File
      1. In the Proctor Group Upload window, select Browse to upload the modified roster file. You can also drag the file into the upload box.
      2. Select Upload.

The proctor group(s) appear in the administration proctor group list.

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