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To set up installable TestNav, complete the following:

This checklist provides ordered steps that correspond to sections in this page. You can click checklist links to go directly to the corresponding page/section. 

  1. Download the app from the applicable store, and install TestNav using the instructions below. 
  2. Review launch instructions to prepare for your testing session.
  3. Run SystemCheck on each device.
  4. Review the Find Response File Backups section below for each type of device in your testing environment. You should understand how to find saved response files (SRF) and log files before the testing session. 
    On Android devices, Chromebooks, and iPads, the SRF default primary save location varies by operating system and is NOT customizable. 
  5. Communicate SRF and log file locations and download information to test proctors.
  6. If you are using ProctorCache, download it and install it on your designated proctor caching computer(s).
  7. Run an infrastructure trial using a practice test. 
    Pearson strongly recommends running an infrastructure trial BEFORE the actual test day to verify the technology setup is complete and to familiarize teachers and students with the test. 
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