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Disable Java Expiration Check (Recommended)

Oracle automatically checks your Java version with expiration check and may send a notification message to immediately accept Java Critical Patch updates. If a student receives this (or any other notification) during testing, the test administrator must accept the update before the test monitor can resume the student's testing session.

Java does allow you to disable this notification to avoid interruption. To disable expiration check, see Option to disable the “JRE out of date” warning in Oracle’s Update Release Notes.

Close Apps and Stop Processes

Unless disabled, notification messages during student testing may disrupt the TestNav session. This includes the Java notifications described above, as well as notifications from other applications and processes.

TestNav does not permit access to other desktop applications (including applications that may automatically run) without terminating the test.

To minimize potential disruption, you should disable notification messages for common applications:

  • Anti-virus software performing automatic updates
  • Power management software on laptops warning of low battery levels
  • Screen savers
  • Email with auto message notification
  • Calendar applications with notifications
  • Pop-up blockers 

Disable Dictionary Add-On and Tracking Protection

You must disable both the Dictionary Add-On and Tracking Protection for testing:

  1. Click the Open Menu at the top-right of the Firefox page, and click Add Ons.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  2. Click Extensions
  3. Find Dictionary Extension, and click Disable
  4. Click the Open Menu at the top-right of the Firefox page, again, and click Preferences (Options for Windows).

     Click here to view screenshots...

    OS X, macOS Sierra
    OS X, macOS Sierra


  5. Click Privacy.
  6. Uncheck Request that sites not track you and Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows.
  7. Restart Firefox and resume the testing session.
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