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Prior to testing, refer to your assessment management system user guide to configure TestNav and complete the following steps. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the default primary save location below.

  2. Configure a secondary save location through your assessment management system. 
    The same secondary save location that you configure for browser-based TestNav applies to TestNav Desktop. You only need to set this configuration one time. 

  3. Configure student accounts to have complete read, write, and delete access in the default primary save location and in the secondary save location.

  4. Communicate SRF and log file locations to test proctors.

  5. Give proctors access to SRF and log files by either

    • Granting admin rights to proctors on each testing computer,

    • Instructing proctors to access these files while the student is logged in to the testing computer.

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