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This information is a part of Manage Students.

Some features are only available to some user accounts. Each user account has a user role(s) and permissions associated with it. These permissions control the data the user can view and actions the user can perform. If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it. See Manage Users for more information.

Your testing program will provide information identifying user roles and what each is permitted to do and see.

A student must be associated with an organization to test. You can transfer students from one organization to another, which means their association is changed from one organization, or school, to another. A transfer requires the student's current organization to request the change, and an approval of the transfer request from the organization where student needs to be transferred.   

You can approve or reject transfer requests. 

 If your program is configured to do so, the system sends an email notification to the requesting organization notifying the transfer status.

How to Authorize an Enrollment Transfer

Approve or Reject Enrollment Transfer

To approve or reject enrollment transfer, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Work Requests, click the Work Type filter and select Enrollment Transfer. Select an enrollment request(s). 

     Click here to view a screenshot...

    Click the information icon  next to a work request status to view request details. 

  2. Click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Approve / Reject Enrollment Transfer. Click Start.

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  3. Select the enrollment request and click Approve or Reject,  as appropriate. 

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View Pending Enrollment Approvals

To view pending enrollment approvals, click the red bell icon at the top of the page and click Transfer Requests.

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View Enrollment Transfer Requests

From Setup > Work Requests, click the Work Type filter and select Enrollment Transfer. All transfer requests will be listed.

  • To view all related requests by transfer status, click the Status filter and select a transfer status.

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