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To perform tasks within the system, you should understand the user interface (UI). No matter your role within the system, its' features their functionality remain the same. Understanding how the UI relates to these will help you perform your tasks.

(info) System setup and features available vary by program and configuration. 

Training Site

To help users familiarize themselves with the system, Pearson provides a training (non-operational) site. The training site has a brown UI and uses sample data. Otherwise, its an exact mirror of the production environment, and you can use the same login credentials as you do on the operational site.

Additional Information

 Watch the video...

Watch the video to see how the system streamlines the UI with related actions and procedures for easy system navigation. 

Basic UI Elements

(info)Some elements are only available during a specific window of time.

 Tabs categorize the system's functional areas.

You can click each tab to see a list of available options.

 Dropdowns provide multiple selection options.

You can click the:

  • Dropdown arrow  to view the list of available options.
  • Combo dropdowns for more selection options.
    (info)The system provides up to 50 results for a dropdown. If you cannot locate a result, use a wildcard or type in the result name.
 The Search field helps to locate a specific record or information.
  • Type in the details of the information you are looking for.

For example, to find Session A, type in the letter "S" or a partial/full session name in the session search text-box, and click Search.

  • For more details on how to search, see Search.
 Checkboxes provide an option to select one or more records or tasks.
  • To find specific records or tasks, select one or more checkboxes.
  • To find a complete list of records (as compared to searching for a specific record), use the Show all results option. 
 Additional Details.
  • The Information icon displays additional information.
  • The Unavailable icon indicates that a record is unavailable. You can hover over the icon to see additional information.
 Home Page Setup.
  • Dependent upon program requirements, system home page set up varies.
    • Blue Banner Navigation
    • Left-side Navigation
 Set a Default Personal Home Page.
  • Dependent upon program requirements, you can have the option to set your personal home page by selecting the home icon. When selected, the icon displays a user indicator. Deselect the icon to return using the default home page as the start page, or click the home icon on another page to set a new default start page.

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