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This information is a part of Manage Alternate Tests.

Some features are only available to some user accounts. Each user account has a user role(s) and permissions associated with it. These permissions control the data the user can view and actions the user can perform. If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it. See Manage Users for more information.

Your testing program will provide information identifying user roles and what each is permitted to do and see.

Depending on your program requirements, you will use different criteria to measure student skills and their understanding of the subject.

To upload student artifacts for alternate assessment, follow these steps:

  1. From Testing > Student Tests, search to find the student(s) or click the down arrow next to the Search button, and select Show all results. Select the student(s).

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  2. Click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Score Alternate Student Tests. Click Start.

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    On the Score Alternate Student Tests page, selected student(s) and their scoring statuses are displayed. The statuses show where a student is in the scoring process. The three scoring statuses are:

    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • Completed
  3. Select a student. 

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  4. If you have selected a student with a Not Started status, continue with this step. Otherwise, skip to the next step. Select a setting from the list to indicate where the student received instruction, and then click Save.

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  5. Click the sign next to the objective, enter details, and click Save. 

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  6. You can only upload artifacts for a completed objective. Completed objectives are indicated by a solid green checkmarkBefore uploading the artifacts, click the + sign next to the Artifact Requirements to review the required number (minimum and maximum) of artifacts. 

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  7. Click Choose File and select the file, or drag and drop the file. Click Upload.
    • To view an artifact, select the artifact and click View.
    • To download an artifact, select the artifact and click Download.
    • To delete a previously uploaded artifact, select the artifact and click Delete.

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You can upload artifacts at any time during the testing window. 

Supported File Types

Only the following file types are supported. File sizes may be no larger than 30 MB.

ArtifactFile Type
Document.doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt
Photo.png, .pns, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jpf, .jpx, .jp2, .j2c, .j2k, .jpc
Video1.flv, .asf, .qt, .mov, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .mp4,.3gp, .f4v, .m4v, .mpeg, .mkv, .rm

Videos can be created on any device that supports the above mentioned file formats. Videos should be uploaded only from a device that supports Adobe Flash player.


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