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Some features are only available to some users.  If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it.

You can upload resources for your reference, to add to an assignment, and to share with others as a Learning Resource.


  1. Click Assignments, and click My Resources

  2. Click Add Resource.

  3. In the ADD RESOURCE pop-up, enter the Resource Name and select a subject. Then, select applicable Standards

  4. Select the resource Type, Format, and Difficulty. Then, click Choose to upload the resource file. 

  5. Select I have the right to use and share this resource for educational purposes, and click Upload.

    What's Next?

  • From the My Resources tab, you can

    • View an uploaded resource. 

      • Click the resource name.

    • Edit a resource. 

      • Click the Edit iconnext to the Date Created column, and then click Edit.

    • Delete a resource. 
      • Click the Delete icon  at the end of the resource's row, and then click Delete.
  • From any Perspective page, you can view and add your uploaded resources to assignment sheets.

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