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Before you begin scoring, you must learn the scoring rules. Selected responses representing each of the possible score points are used in the training process.

To train on the items you will be scoring, follow these steps.

  1. From the main page, select the grade you want to train on, as described in Select a Grade.
  2. From the page for the grade, select the tab that corresponds to training. Because the system is configured specifically for each customer, what you see may be different than this screenshot.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  3. Select a question from the list of questions provided.

     Click here to view screenshots...

    There are several ways this may appear in the application. Your option will look something like one of these.

    You may be asked to select by item number and score point: 

    You may be asked to select by question number and score point separately:

  4. Review the response. This may require reading a paper, watching a video, or listening to audio, depending on the type of item you are training to score.

Related Information

Review all item examples at all score points to learn how to score according to the rubric.

Click Annotations at any time to hide or reveal notes below the item that explain why the response deserves a specific score.

Click Prompt / Rubric at any time to view the prompt that was provided to the test taker and to view the scoring rubric.

Use the arrows to move back and forth between the items.



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