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titlePre-installation Planning
  • Proctor caching computers must run on the same network as the students’ testing computers. 
  • If proctor caching takes place at the district level, then you should configure any lower-level proctor caching computers to use the district-level computer as an upstream proxy.If you need to update ProctorCache to a more recent version, uninstall the previous version. Then, reboot the computer and install the more recent version. You can uninstall ProctorCache using the software removal process for your operating system.

Additional Information

  • ProctorCache does not require special hardware or server equipment.
  • You should NOT install should not install ProctorCache on a computer you intend to use for student testing.
  • A typical installation takes approximately 10 minutes per proctor caching computer.

If you are not a network administrator, proctor caching requires:

  • Full local administrator permissions
  • Working knowledge of your network