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When setting up installable TestNav apps, you must complete certain setup processes to begin testing. The Quick List Checklist below includes those processes, as well as practices that Pearson strongly recommends to better prepare you for your testing session. Links to instructions for each testing device follow the Quick ListChecklist.Quick List


  1. Download the app from the applicable store, and install.
  2. Ensure testing computers and devices are NOT set to run in full screen.
  3. Make a note of your Saved Response File (SRF) and Log File Locations in case an error occurs. You can find instructions for locating and downloading these files on each set up page in this section.
    1. On Android devices, Chromebooks, and iPads, the SRF default location varies by operating system and is NOT customizable. 
  4. If you are using ProctorCache, download and install it on your designated proctor caching computer(s).
  5. Run SystemCheck on Android devices, Chromebooks, and iPads. Links to installation instructions are provided below.
  6. Run an infrastructure trial using a practice test.
    1. Pearson strongly recommends running an infrastructure trial BEFORE the actual test day to verify the technology setup is complete and to familiarize teachers and students with the test. 
  7. During BOTH the infrastructure trial and the actual test, note which specific Android device, Chromebook, or iPad each student uses during each test. These devices have only one SRF location. 
    If an error occurs, you can locate files ONLY on that specific device.