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To move a student to your organization/school, you must send a request to the student's current organization/school. 


You can choose to read or watch the instructions below.

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  1. From Setup, select Work Requests.

  2. Click Select Tasks, select Request / Delete Enrollment Transfer, and click Start.

  3. Type and select the student details to search for a student to transfer, and click Search. Fill in the required fields with the exact information that the student file contains. 

  4. Under Change Enrollment To, select the organization to which you want to transfer the student.

  5. Click Send Request.


 Email Notifications

If your program is configured to do so, the system sends an email notification to the organization from which you requested the student transfer.

 After the organization/school approves the request...

All student test information and demographics are visible to your school and not to the original school.

What's Next?

 To complete the transfer...

The student's current organization/school must authorize your request. After the organization/school authorizes your request, you receive an email with the transfer status, and PearsonAccessnext transfers the student to the requested organization.

 (Optional) You can delete the request...
If you no longer need to transfer a student:
  1. From Setup, select Work Requests.
  2. Click the Work Type filter and select Enrollment Transfer. 
  3. Select an enrollment request(s). 
  4. Click Select Tasks, click Request / Delete Enrollment Transfer, and click Start.
  5. Select the enrollment request, and click Delete.

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